Marty Manion
Chief Executive Officer
239-597-1666 x227
Carl Russell
Chief Financial Officer
239-597-1666 x228
Corie Chase
Chief Administrative Officer
239-597-1666 x224
Marcia Albert
Director of Marketing
239-597-1666 x232
Melissa Bognaski
MLS Support & Training Coordinator
239-597-1666 x255
Michael Bryant
Network Technician
239-597-1666 x254
Zachary Duvall
Membership Administrator
239-597-1666 x252
Danielle Hudson
Vice President of Public Policy
239-597-1666 x259
Deb Joyner
Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer
239-597-1666 x253
Deborah Linville
Administrative Assistant to the Executive Committee
239-597-1666 x256
Taiana Londono
Administrative Assistant
239-597-1666 x258
Cheyenne Luckey
MLS Support Specialist
239-597-1666 x251
Wade Mastro
239-597-1666 x245
Michelle McKenna
Director of Professional Development Services
239-597-1666 x230
Eben Moran
Vice President of MLS & Business Technology
239-597-1666 x225
Sherry Olson
Membership Administrator
239-597-1666 x252
Pam Ramsay
REALTORŪ Store Manager
239-597-1666 x250
Elizabeth Saggio
Membership Director
239-597-1666 x226
Paige Simpson
Manager of Events & Communications Specialist
239-597-1666 x281
Joan Welsher
Administrative Assistant
239-597-1666 x221
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