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Welcome to the Naples Area Board of REALTORS®, your leading resource for business. The services, tools and information we provide are designed to maximize your business success. Your engagement will help you develop your business and make valuable connections. We value your membership and consider you our greatest resource. Whether you have a question or a problem, we are here to help you with the level of expertise you need. Let us know how we can further serve you. Thank you for your membership and becoming an integral part of building a strong association for our future.

Latest News

Rotten Referendums

Oct/23/2019 by Elliot Eisenberg

While referendums seem like a great way to raise political engagement, they are risky (hello Great Britain) because they treat every issue in isolation, ignoring the inevitable and painful political and budgetary trade-offs inherent in lawmaking.

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What Businesses Can Learn From WeWork’s Value Decline

Oct/23/2019 by Frederick Peters

Is it just me, or has the reduction in WeWork’s ostensible value from $47B to $8B caused a frisson of schadenfreude in the business world? Could it be a sign that moving fast and breaking things, attacking and cannibalizing the competition, might NOT always be the best methodology? 

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