Short-Term Rental Victory!

Published Friday, June 28, 2019

At the June 25 Collier County Commission meeting, hard work from NABOR members facilitated a victory in the ongoing short-term rental issue. Discussions at the meeting confirmed that the county does not have the ability to regulate the duration or frequency of rentals in unincorporated Collier County.

With a unanimous vote, the Collier County Commission approved a motion directing Collier County staff to develop an ordinance to establish a registration process for those people who rent their properties, require a local point of contact for property rentals and require payment of all sales and tourism taxes by rental property owners.

A coalition of interested parties including NABOR, the Collier County Code Enforcement Board and the Collier County Sheriff’s Office has been formed to discuss the short-term rental issue and recommend steps to address the limited number of abuses and abusers that occur with property rentals.

The anticipated solutions are expected to include the education of buyers, sellers and landlords about their options for renting their property and the creation of guidelines regarding the conduct of renters. The Collier County Code Enforcement Board and the Collier County Sheriff’s Office will work to enforce the guidelines of good neighbor ordinances that include noise, parking and occupancy issues. The short-term rental ordinance proposed by the newly formed coalition will be presented in the fall of 2019 at a Collier County Commission meeting.

NABOR stands ready to inform members of any new developments regarding short-term rentals. We continue to work against the threat and restrictions to private property rights and strive to help protect the rights of private property owners intending to rent their properties.

Jeff Jones, President

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