Study: Most renters should be buyers

Published Monday, May 22, 2017
NEW YORK – May 18, 2017 – Rent is so high that a typical renter in the U.S. can purchase a home nearly 50 percent more expensive than the median valued home and keep the same monthly housing budget, according to a new Zillow analysis. The median rent in the U.S. is $1,416 per month, which is enough to cover the monthly expenses associated with more»

Fannie and Freddie might fund manufactured homes

Published Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Fannie and Freddie might fund manufactured homes WASHINGTON – May 16, 2017 – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may soon begin to provide financing for buyers of manufactured homes, according to draft plans released on Monday. The move is part of an effort by the mortgage-finance giants to ease burdens on low-income borrowers, many of whom turn to more»

IRS: The home office deduction is often overlooked

Published Monday, May 15, 2017
PHOENIX – May 12, 2017 – The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently reminded small business owners who work from a home office that there are two options for claiming the Home Office Deduction. The Home Office Deduction is often overlooked by small business owners. The IRS is highlighting a series of tips and resources available for small more»

Florida Realtors notches big wins this session, helps property owners save $2 billion

Published Tuesday, May 9, 2017
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- May 8, 2017 -- This is what a winning legislative session looks like: A cap on estoppel certificate fees, a $61 million cut to the business rent tax, the passage of a joint resolution that would shield non-homestead property owners from $725.7 million in property tax increases and $1.2 billion in additional tax relief for more»

2 out of 3 buyers believe home prices will rise

Published Monday, May 8, 2017
NEW YORK – May 5, 2017 – A new Gallup poll finds that homeowner confidence has hit a new high. According to Gallup, 61 percent of U.S. adults believe home prices will rise in the next year, marking the biggest percentage since Gallup began gathering data on these views in 2005. It's also a notable increase from 2008-2112, during which less than more»

Old home decor isn’t always a bad thing

Published Thursday, May 4, 2017
NEW YORK – May 3, 2017 – A "time capsule" home can be a selling point to some home shoppers. These are older homes that may display decades-old decor and have not been refurbished or updated. Instead, they've been meticulously maintained in their original style. Some home shoppers say they're drawn to these homes for the quality construction, more»

Help boomers navigate retirement

Published Monday, May 1, 2017
CHICAGO – April 28, 2017 – Brokers will play a key role in helping homeowners live more comfortably and be more financially secure in retirement, as three out of four adults say they plan to downsize their home to lower ongoing costs and cash in on the equity. According to the results of a new survey of 3,718 adults by Merrill Lynch and Age more»

Fannie expands student debt mortgage swap program

Published Friday, April 28, 2017
WASHINGTON – April 27, 2017 – Mortgage security company Fannie Mae announced new guidelines to swap student loan debt for mortgage debt. The option to refinance student loans by acquiring mortgage debt, typically an attractive preference because mortgage interest rates tend to be lower than student loan rates, is an expansion of a Fannie Mae more»
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