Additional MLS Services


  RPR® provides easy access to detailed property and market information whenever and wherever you need it. Present your customers with on-the-spot RPR data and reports about specific properties and neighborhoods by creating your own branded, customized reports from the RPR® and RPR Mobile® platforms. RPR® is included in your NAR member dues at no additional cost. - Visit Realtors Property Resource - Get RPR Training

  ShowingTime for the MLS (previously known as ShowingAssist) enables real estate professionals to schedule showings online to save them from unnecessary phone calls and busy work.
 This feature not only decreases in and outbound calls, but saves time, generates more showings, and helps agents provide better client service with increased accountability and enhanced security - all leading to a more efficient home sale. -

 Supra is a leading global provider of key management solutions. Supra released its first lockbox system in 1955 for the real estate industry. The Supra real estate lockbox system is managed today by Real Estate Associations and Multiple Listing Services for real estate agents to efficiently market and show listed homes. As an MLS participant if you are interested in obtaining access to the SUPRA system, please contact or 239-597-1666 in the NABOR® REALTOR® Store for the next available appointment. For additional information click here.

If you already have access to SUPRA services and need to updated a new phone or a new credit card information, please go to: You’ll need to log in with your SupraWEB user ID and password, if you are not a registered SupraWEB user, please follow the steps click here. Need help finding your e-key serial number, please contact us at or 239-597-1666. 

 Form Simplicity has the most up-to-date, compliant real estate forms available for you to use from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection.
 Access all of your forms, create paperless transactions, set up forms packages, send a transaction for eSign, and store completed transactions and related documents in the cloud for storage compliance. Additional tools include Contacts, Tasks and Reminders, eFaxing, and Collaboration, allowing you to share documents with third parties and negotiate in real time. -

 Homesnap is the top-rated real estate app built for agents and loved by homebuyers. Get the app to see why millions of people are switching to Homesnap. -

Agents want to influence their clients' search experience and manage their relationships but often lose control of the process and the prospect, who goes skipping from site to site to find bits of information.
 Not any longer. Listingbook offers agents an environment that's free of competitive ads. And, agents can collaborate and consult with clients on the Listingbook platform, while offering tools that build relationships and enhance the agent's value. In addition, Listingbook saves agents money by replacing other expenses, improving productivity and efficiency, and helping real estate professionals make more money. -

MLS Advantage allows participating boards and members to share available MLS listings across the state of Florida.
 With a single search, members can find all listings that match your search parameters from participating MLS boards. Property listing information can be auto-populated from MLS Advantage directly into contracts in FormSimplicity.This valuable search tool is available only to members of subscribing associations and MLSs. -

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