Behavior Science -

Date: August 1, 2018
Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am
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1455 Pine Ridge Road
Naples, FL 34109
Phone: 12395971666

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Behavior Science

Instructor: Nathaniel Bittman

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The Behavior Science Class is focused on two primary principles:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • DISC Profiling

The purpose is of the class is designed to help Realtors approach a transaction by understanding how consumer behavior works. By incorporating an understanding of the primary 4 styles of DISC - Dominator, Influencer, Compliance and Steady, Realtors will have a better grasp on how to approach
consumers by identifying four critical areas:

1. Body Language

  • Reviewing Posture
  • Hand shakes
  • Facial gestures
  • Clothing
  • Positioning of feet and moving

2. Tone and Inflection

  • Consumer tones, inflections and language - this section helps identify a segment based on emotional intelligence and style.
  • How a consumer speaks will help establish mood, position, influence within their circle of relationships and most importantly conditioning. Conditioning is a segment that identifies obstacles, challenges and direction. This area is vital in helping with approach and conflict management. Selling
    to a consumer and working towards turning more sides centers around hearing and understanding your consumer. Listening better and not only hearing the consumer but identifying where they are coming from. knowing more about to identify a consumers conditioning will provide informative
    techniques on how to build trust and confidence in selling.

3. Approach

  • This area focuses on a full understanding of all primary quadrants.
  • Having knowledge and foresight on YOUR style and that of others will assist in approaching consumers. Selling and gaining more tractions in your field with prospects and clients by applying a technique to establish and grow relationships.

4. Conflict Management

  • The Real-Estate environment is filled with emotions. A purchase of home and selling home is riddled in a great deal of emotions. The experience that create an “Emotional Hi-Jacking” with consumers and knowing how to navigate through the emotional ups and downs as well as work through any conflict that can arise would be central in working through a constructive “crucial conversation” where everyone can win.



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