The Naples Area Board of REALTORS® (NABOR®) is an established organization (Chartered in 1949) whose members have a positive and progressive impact on the Naples community.

NABOR® is a local board of REALTORS® and real estate professionals with a legacy of over 60 years, currently serving over 5,000 members. NABOR® is a member of the Florida REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®, which is the largest trade association in the United States, with more than 1.3 million members and over 1,400 local boards of REALTORS® nationwide.

NABOR® is structured to provide programs and services to its membership through various committees and the NABOR® Board of Directors, all of whose members are non-paid volunteers.
The term REALTOR® is a registered collective membership mark that identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and who subscribe to its strict Code of Ethics.

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Naples Area Board of REALTORS® Historical Events Timeline


1938 The National Association of Real Estate Boards grants the original charter under the name of Naples-on-the-Gulf Board of REALTORS®. During the mid-1940s, the charter was lost due to non-payment of dues as a result of the effect of World War II. Read more here.
1949 W.L. Clark, Jr. serves as President. The National Association of Real Estate Boards grants its second charter under the name of Naples-on-the-Gulf Board of REALTORS® with a membership of 13, including its president, Robert Benson, William L. Clark, George Huntoon, George W. Lesher, John A. Pulling, N.P. Sloan, Edwin Watson, and six associates. Read more here.
1950 Robert T. Benson serves as President.  There are 1400 residents living in Naples and 6,500 residents in all of Collier County. Fifth Avenue consists of the Gulf Hotel and a gas station, liquor store and a couple of dry goods stores. NABOR® membership dues are $30. Read more here.
1951 Edwin M. Watson serves as Board of REALTORS as President in 1951 and 1954. He formerly served the president of the Chamber of Commerce in 1949. The size and number of "For Sale" signs on the property was a big issue. Open Listings instead of Exclusive Right to Sell Listings were the vogue wherein, a seller could promise to pay and a number of real estates...Read more here.
1952 George Lesher is President in1952.
Naples on-the-Gulf Board of REALTORS was incorporated and the first five-member Board of Directors was established: President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and two active members. Grace Truesdale became the first woman elected to the five-member Board of Directors. A monthly bulletin was printed. The first grievance violation was filed. March 6, 1952, the Board’s bank balance was $232.55. Read more here.
  1953 Henry B. Watkins, Jr. served as Board President in 1953 and 1967.  In addition, he was Chairman of the zoning board, served six years as a Collier County Commissioner.  He was a Charter member of the Naples Exchange Club and Chair of the Elks Club.  He served as President of the Chamber of Commerce and was appointed by H.U.D. to serve on the Community Housing Resources Board. Read more here.
  1954 Edwin M. Watson serves as President. He served as board President in 1951 AND 1954.
   1955 W. Roy Smith (the W. stands for Walter) was the President of the Naples on-the-Gulf Board of REALTORS in 1955. He was a father to another Board President W. James Smith. Board President in 1982. REALTOR W. Roy Smith served seven terms as Mayor of Naples. 1946 to 1960. He was the first officially named Mayor when Naples became a city in 1949. Read more here.
  1956 David C. Jones, Jr. serves as President. The compulsory closing of real estate offices on Sundays is endorsed by the board.  David C. Jones, Jr. was President of the Naples on-the-Gulf Board of REALTORS for two terms, 1956 and 1957. He had joined the Board in 1951. Read more here.
  1957 David C. Jones, Jr. serves as President. The Naples Municipal airport becomes a passenger airport. and the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is formed.
  1958 Charles E. Cox serves as President. During this time Charles begins negotiations with the Collier family to move the county seat from Everglades city to Naples where the population was booming. This action was for the benefit of the members of NABOR and the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce for which he was the chairman in 1961. This move was accomplished in 1962. Read more here.
  1959 E.M. Brown serves as President. Naples is granted its charter as a city, building codes are adopted and renowned urban planner Harland Bartholomew (father of comprehensive planning) is hired to plan and zone the city. There are 1400 residents living in Naples and 6,500 residents in all of Collier County. Fifth Avenue consists of the Gulf Hotel and a gas station, liquor store and a couple of dry goods stores. Read more here
1960 Wesley G. Downing serves as President. Fifth Avenue becomes a shopping destination, financial center and home to 116 businesses. NABOR® membership totals 146. Hurricane Donna hits Naples on September 10, causing $25 million in property damage and stimulating Naples’ growth with an infusion of insurance money and low-interest loans. Read more here.
  1961 Faber Hair serves as President. Naples High School graduates its first class from its present location, which includes Mike Richardson, who eventually becomes the seventh executive officer of Naples-on-the-Gulf Board of REALTORS®. Faber Hair is the 13th president to serve the Naples on-the-Gulf Board of REALTORS.  He had offices in Naples Park. Read more here.
  1962 George C. Huntoon serves as President. The Naples Shopping Center is built featuring Publix and W.T. Grant. George Griggs Huntoon was the 14th President of the Naples on-the-Gulf Board of REALTORS.  He was employed by the Collier Development Corporation with its headquarters in Everglades City. Read more here.
1963 John R. Wood serves as President. Sixty-one real estate offices are located in Naples. Read more here.
  1964 John R. Wood serves as President.
  1965 W.A. Burton serves as President. The board hires its first full-time executive officer, Rhys Beatty. Read more here.
  1966 Lester Whitaker, Sr. serves as President. Naples-on-the-Gulf Board of REALTORS® member David Jones is elected president of the Florida Association of REALTORS®; a lease is signed for a new office on Tenth Street and Fourth Avenue South; the first sales contract is approved by Naples-on-the-Gulf Board of REALTORS® and the local bar association; and Alligator Alley opens to traffic, connecting Fort Lauderdale with Naples. Read more here.
  1967 Henry B. Watkins, Jr. serves as President. Mandatory attendance of orientation class is established for new members, the District Five Jive golf tournament was hosted by NABOR and a local chapter of the Women’s Council of REALTORS® is formed. The board approves a request to relinquish the jurisdiction of sections of Naples to the Bonita Springs Board of REALTORS®. Read more here.
   1968 William A. Loach, Jr. serves as President. William A. Loach, Jr. is the new President of the Naples on-the-Gulf Board of REALTORS?
Loach served as a member of the Multiple Listing Service Committee of FAR, as well as on the FAR MLS Subcommittee on Computers.
He was a member of the National Institute of Farm and Land Brokers of NAREB. Read more here.
  1969 In 1969, Earl Frye became the President of the Naples-on-the-gulf Board of REALTORS.  In a conversation with Mike Hughes (Board President 2015), Earl remembers driving from Cincinnati to Naples with his family in his station wagon in 1962. Read more here.

1970 Addison B. Miller became president of the Naples on-the- Gulf Board of REALTORS in 1970.  Ad was part of the first husband and wife team to serve as president of this board. His wife, Casey (Mary Josephine) Miller, served as president in 1976. Ad was an Indianapolis native who earned his college degree in 1923 from Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Ind. During WWII he served as an officer in the U.S. Naval Reserve, retiring to inactive status as a commander in 1946.  NABOR® membership is 325. Read more here.


1971 Richard H. Goodlette serves as President. Richard H. Goodlette was installed as President of the twenty-first Naples on-the gulf Board of REALTORS by President of FAR, Levie D. Smith, on December 10, 1970 at the Beach Club Hotel on Gulfshore Boulevard, Naples. The 1971 officers included: Richard H. Goodlette, president; Lester Whitaker, Jr., vice president; Thomas E. McBride, secretary; Robert H. Jaeger, treasurer; Paul E. Lees, director; Addison B. Miller, director; Roberta M. Bozeman, director. Read more here.

1972 Lester W. Whitaker, Jr. serves as President. John R. Wood, FAR 1971 President, installed the Naples on-the-Gulf Board of REALTORS 1972 President Lester W. Whitaker, Jr. at the Installation Banquet held at the Naples Beach Club Hotel on December 9, 1971. The officers of the Board installed to serve in 1972 included: Ernie Carroll, Executive Vice President; Tom McBride, Vice President, Paul E. Lees, Treasurer; Robert Jaeger,
Secretary; Bruce Mum, Director; Richard Goodlette, Director and Director Fred Maurer. Read more here.
  1973 Thomas E. McBride serves as President. He had served on many Board Committees prior to his presidency of the Naples-on-the-Gulf Board of REALTORS. During 1973, all local Boards and State Associations were furnished detailed information regarding the newly approved Associate membership in the National Association of REALTORS  ( note: name change from NAREB) that had been approved by more than seventy-five percent of the local Boards of REALTORS at the national convention in Hawaii in November 1972.
Read more here.
  1974 Robert H. Jaeger became the President of the Naples on-the-Gulf Board of REALTORS
located 990 Fourth  Avenue, South. REALTOR Membership was 151,  Associates 459, and Affiliates 34. Officers installed by Addison Miller (president 1970): Robert H. Jaeger, President; Paul Lees, Vice President; M.J. Casey Miller, Secretary; John W. Vaughn, Treasurer;
Thomas McBride,  Director; Jay S. Bishop, Director; and Elizabeth Anderson , Director.Bob Jaeger received a plaque honoring him as REALTOR of the YEAR for 1973 as well as his presidents pin for 1974. Read more here.

1975 Paul E. Lees was installed as President of the Naples on-the-Gulf Board of REALTORS. The name, Naples on-the-Gulf had been in use for twenty-five years. He soon went to work with the National Association of Real Estate Boards (NAREB) recently changed to NAR, National Association of REALTORS, and the State government of Florida, plus the Florida Association
of REALTORS (FAR) to change the Board name to Naples Area Board of REALTORS. (NABOR).Read more here.

  1976  M.J. "Casey" Miller serves as President. Formal dedication of the first NABOR® building at 1459 Pine Ridge Road takes place on March 26. John R. Wood is elected to the Florida Real Estate Commission and the NABOR® Board of Directors receives a jurisdictional release for the formation of a new Board of Marco Island REALTORS®, to be granted in 1977. The board adopts an affirmative marketing agreement and encourages individual offices to become signatories. Casey Miller was elected to the board as the first woman president. Read more here.
  1977 John W. Vaughn, Jr. serves as President. The first phase on Coastland Mall is built, featuring Sears and J. C. Penney, dominant retailers at the time. PRC is established as the next generation of computerized MLS system. For more information, click HERE.
  1978 William B. Stone serves as President. There are over 600 members of the Association, either REALTOR-Brokers or Associates.
  1979 Jay S. Bishop serves as President.
  1980 Norman G. Harris serves as President. NABOR® membership is 1,028.
  1981 John T. Conroy, Jr. serves as President. John R. Wood is the first NABOR® member elected as president of the National Association of REALTORS®.
  1982 W. James Smith serves as President.
  1983 Thomas G. Schessler serves as President.
  1984 Paul E. Sprowls serves as President.
  1985 Ronald H. Bell serves as President. NABOR membership is 1,191. A scholarship fund is established by NABOR® for students planning a career in real estate. The Ritz Carlton Hotel, the Registry Hotel, the Philharmonic Center for the Arts and Interstate 75 open, with each becoming a catalyst for growth in the Naples area.
  1986 Phillip R. Wood serves as President. 
  1987 Jon F. Lowdermilk serves as President. The National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual is incorporated into the bylaws.
  1988 Marilyn D. Knoblauch serves as President.
  1989 Lee Nichols, Jr. serves as President.
  1990 Richard Clemmer serves as President. NABOR® membership is 2,389. Read more here.
  1991 Marilyn Evanish serves as President. 
  1992 Marie A. Harris serves as President. The ground is broken for a new Naples Area Board of REALTORS® building at 1455 Pine Ridge Road and is opened to members on July 2, 1993.
1993 S. Jeanne Haynes serves as President, a year she treasured. During Jeanne’s year, the current building at 1455 Pine Ridged Road is completed. It was a huge leap of faith for the Association to build a center of this size at that time and a major and thought-provoking undertaking. The 1991 Board manages the finalization of construction from approving details through final inspections, which creates a whirlwind of activity for the entire year. The Board demonstrates tremendous vision towards what NABOR would become. Read more here.
  1994 Jeri Cobb serves as President. The NABOR® REALTOR® store opens and Carl Russell is hired as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). A new class of membership is formed by the Allied and Affiliates. New signage codes go into effect in the city of Naples. Our standard sign size changes to new signs barely larger than notebook paper.  The REALTOR® family cooperates and sign changes ate completed almost overnight.
  1995 Patsy S. Vaughn serves as President.
  1996 J. Thomas Conroy, III serves as President. NaplesArea.com, a consumer-facing Web site, is launched to the public.
1997 Stephen K. Hunt serves as President. NABOR® membership is 1,831. The board changes its name to Naples Area Board of REALTORS and Association of Real Estate Professionals®. The National Association of REALTORS® establishes the term "REALTOR®" to apply to all brokers, broker associates, and sales associates. From 1949-73, all members have considered sales associates and only broker members used the REALTOR® term.
  1998 Christopher A. Braun serves as President. REALTOR.com is contracted to post MLS listings; NaplesArea.com launches in partnership with the Naples Daily News; and NABOR.com, the member Web site, is launched. 
   1999 June M. Mueller serves as President.
  2000 Mardi S. Moorman serves as President. NABOR® membership is 2,265. 
  2001 John A. Steinwand serves as President. Electronic technology replaces the MLS books. Read more here.
  2002 Alfred J. DiNicola serves as President. The Hall of Fame award is established to recognize members who have volunteered 20 years or more of service to NABOR®.
  2003 James A. Pilon serves as President. NABOR® membership is 3,164. New member orientation classes are held monthly to accommodate the increase in membership, and SunshineMLS launches as the new MLS system, "Built by REALTORS® for REALTORS®".
  2004 Joseph Ballarino serves as President. The Naples Players and the Naples Art Association create visual and performing arts centers in partnership with the city. The NABOR® Leadership Development program is established, and the board shows support for a county referendum to acquire land to save the Naples Zoo and Caribbean Gardens from the redevelopment. The redesign of NaplesArea.com is launched. Orientation for allied and associate members is established.
  2005 Michele A. Harrison serves as President. NABOR® membership is 4,819. The first offsite EXPO is a huge success and the NABOR® Community Involvement Committee is established.
  2006 Jo Carter serves as President. NABOR® membership reaches 5,000. The first Habitat for Humanity home is built, and a new brand is created for NABOR®.
2007 Spencer Haynes serves as President. NABOR® changes its name to Naples Area Board of REALTORS®. The real estate market begins to steadily drop after the massive and unrealistic gains of 2004-2005. The onslaught of loose lending practices combined with easily obtained contracts on new construction proves to be the breeding ground for negative publicity regarding the Naples real estate market. Read more here.
  2008 Arlene Carozza serves as President. John R. Wood, Jane Parks, Earl Frye, Norman Harris, John W. Vaughn, and Patsy S. Vaughn receive the REALTOR® Emeritus Status award from the National Association of REALTORS® for achieving 40 years of REALTOR® association membership. The first NABOR® Commercial Committee is established.
  2009 Brett Brown serves as President. NABOR® membership is 4,180. The NAR® Resort and Second Home Symposium are hosted by NABOR® for the first time. The NABOR® Global Business Committee is established to implement NAR’s 3-year international awareness plan and, as a result, the NABOR® Global Network is established. NaplesArea.com, the consumer-facing Web site, is launched with a completely new design.
  2010 J.P. Antonmattei serves as President but unfortunately dies in a tragic plane crash on January 17, 2010. Brenda Fioretti steps in to serve as President. SunshineMLS Plus is formed, the interior of the NABOR facility is completely renovated, the NABOR History wall is installed and social media is embraced. NABOR participates with CBIA and the Chamber of Commerce in the blood drive to replenish local blood supplies and for Haiti relief efforts. The Mediation Program has adopted as an alternative to arbitration. NABOR participates in CBIA’s “Politics in the Park.”
  2011 Brenda Fioretti serves as President. The Young Professionals Network (YPN) is created, the association is formed, the Ombudsman program is launched and the NABOR history book "Steps through Time" is published. The Membership Committee begins presenting New Member networking events. RPAC holds its first Major Investor event. NABOR partners with the REALTOR® Association of Greater Fort Myers and the Beach to share MLS data and compensation through Core Logic’s Data co-op program. iMAPP is replaced with CoreLogic’s Realist program.
  2012 Bill Poteet serves as President. The first Economic Summit was held, we became a Commercial Accredited Board, the NABOR Education center was formed, the Naples Conference Center was branded and we began sharing data with Greater Ft. Myers and the Beach.
  2013 Wes Kunkle serves as President. M.L.S. of Naples, Bonita Springs-Estero Association of Realtors (BEAR), Greater Fort Myers and the Beach, and Cape Coral Multiple Listing Service Inc. integrated their separate multiple listing services into one platform, the CoreLogic Matrix MLS system, to share data. The NABOR Leadership Academy was branded and the first Committee Showcase was held.
  2014 Pat Pitocchi serves as President.
  2015 After serving eight years on NABOR’s Board of Directors, in 2015, Mike became President of NABOR. In the first month, Mike and the Board were tested. Mike Richardson announced his retirement at the first Board meeting of Mike’s term. Shortly thereafter, tragedy hit the Naples Board when Director Bob Hewes passed away. Read more here.
  2016 Rick Fioretti serves as President.
  2017 Dominic Pallini serves as President. Staff initiates Base Camp for inter-committee communication. The Allied and Affiliate App is created. New monitors are installed at NABOR  to display up-to-the-minute information. Live-streaming of classes is implemented. Board news, classes, and events are being video recorded and communicated to members. The RPAC surpasses its highest goal.
  2018 Rick Baranski serves as President.
2019 Jeff Jones, I am honored and proud to have served as 2019 NABOR President along with the dedicated leadership team and committee chairs and vice-chairs in collaboration with our talented NABOR staff. My goal was to help NABOR to maintain the programs already set in place and to accomplish several ambitious programs and initiatives that comprised our Dreams for 2019. Read more here.

NABOR® Members Active in Public Service

Barbara Berry
Collier County School Board member - 1984–1988
Collier County School Board member - 1990–1996
Collier County Commissioner - 1996–2000
Collier County School Board member - 2010–2014

Pat Carroll
Big Cypress Basin Board (appointed by Gov. Bush) - 1996-2004
2-Term appointment to Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council - 2005–2012
Value Adjustment Board member - 2002-2014
Collier County School Board member – 2002–2014

Wes Downing
Mayor of Naples, 1968-1970
Collier County Commissioner, 1966-1968

Matt Hudson
Florida State Representative, 2007-2014

Bill McDaniel, Jr.
Collier County Commissioner, District 5 - 2016 - 

Casey Miller
Naples City Council member, 1962-1968

Kathleen Passidomo
Florida State Representative, 2010-2016
Florida State Senator - 2016 - 

Clyde Quinby
Collier County School Superintendent - 1976–1980
Collier County School Board member - 1990–1998

W. Roy Smith
Mayor of Naples, 1946-1960

Lorenzo Walker
Collier County Commissioner, 1950-1956
Florida State Representative, 1956-1974

Lester Whitaker Sr.
Collier County Commissioner 1971-1972

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