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Puzzling Productivity

Nov/15/2019 by Elliot Eisenberg

Near steady job growth in an economy that’s meaningfully slowing is odd. Shouldn’t employment growth decline too?

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Innovation In Construction Project Management: How To Take Risks While Creating New Opportunities

Nov/15/2019 by Elizabeth Scarano

Innovation has become somewhat of a buzzword that gets tossed around by many professionals and organizations to describe their business and what sets them apart from others. While many project management pros I work with tout their innovative capabilities, I see many of them struggle to make strides because they are often afraid to take risks. Taking risks is the only true way to innovate and stay ahead of the game, especially in established industries such as construction project management.

Innovation Requires Adopting New Technologies

Innovation is not a one-and-done business practice or something you build into your company's mission statement and ignore. It is a commitment to exploring new ways of operating and embracing how to improve upon existing practices.

Technology is a conduit for innovation in any modern business. However, it can be tough to keep up with the advancements, which often leaves companies lacking the software needed to take operations to the next level. Learning the ins and outs of industry software and utilizing it to work more efficiently allows project management firms to execute innovate solutions and demonstrate effectiveness to clients.


Having the tools to take a client on a 3D model tour of their new space or to create a punch list that simplifies and streamlines the project management process is invaluable. Utilizing cloud-based technologies is becoming essential, as it gives the project management team immediate access to information from anywhere at any time. Having updated information at your fingertips can make all the difference in getting critical details and action items communicated and addressed to keep a project on schedule.

A true innovator is someone who thinks creatively and considers what can be done to enhance the workflow and better connect and communicate with clients.

Taking Risks Fosters Growth

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