NABOR® 2017 Committees and Task Forces


Information for this committee coming soon.
2017 Chairman: James Schlimmer
Staff Liaison

Budget and Finance

Responsible for ensuring that the financial affairs of NABOR® and M.L.S. of Naples, Inc. are administered effectively and with fiscal integrity, that financial information flows efficiently to those who need it, and that the financial directives of the Board of Directors are implemented.
2017 Chairman: Ryan Bleggi
Staff Liaison: Carl Russell

Commercial Committee

Provides Commercial Brokers and Associates with programs, networking, and events focused on the commercial real estate business with the goal of increasing their involvement in NABOR®.
2017 Chairman: Chip Olson
Staff Liaison: Elizabeth Saggio

Community Involvement Committee

The purpose of the Community Involvement Committee is to engage in activities that will benefit the community, NABOR®'s members who participate, and raise the community’s consciousness about NABOR® as a "good neighbor".
2017 Chairman: Perry Desiato
Staff Liaison: Pam Ramsay

Facilities Management Committee

The Facilities Management Committee is responsible for the internal and external appearance and operation of the systems and equipment of the NABOR® building and of the grounds.
2017 Chairman: Wes Kunkle
Staff Liaison: Corie Chase

Global Business Committee

The mission of the Global Business Committee is to provide NABOR® Members with global business opportunities including events and education programs to maximize their profitability from International real estate transactions in the Naples area. The Global Business Committee coordinates with the National Association of REALTORS® Global Committee as appropriate for planning, events, and educational programs.

 The NABOR Global Network is a group formed by the Global Business Committee which consists of members interested in developing their "global business".
2017 Chairman: Linda Roberts
Staff Liaison: Kari Greer

Governmental Issues Committee

The mission of the Governmental Issues Committee is to represent and advocate for important issues to the real estate profession with government.
2017 Chairman: Bobbie Dusek
Staff Liaison: Jesse Purdon

Grievance Committee

The role of the Grievance Committee is defined in the Professional Standards Manual of the National Association of REALTORS®. In essence, the role is to determine whether complaints brought against members constitute a possible violation of the Code of Ethics or are subject to arbitration; and, if determined to be neither, the Committee dismisses them; however, if determined to constitute a possible violation of the Code of Ethics or a matter to be arbitrated, the Committee forwards them to the Professional Standards Committee for a Hearing.
2017 Chairman: Robert Nardi
Staff Liaison: Corie Chase

Leadership Development Program

The purpose of the Leadership Development Program is to select, train and develop future visionary leaders for our Association and our community and equip them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to excel and impart those ideas to everyone they come in contact with at the Association and in the community.
2017 Chairman: Bill Archer
Staff Liaison: Michelle McKenna

Legal Resources Committee

To study legal issues affecting local real estate transactions and brokerage practice; provide input and recommendations relative to those legal issues to the appropriate committees and Board of Directors; draft for the review and approval by the Board of Directors and legal counsel such documents, forms or contracts as may facilitate local real estate transactions and brokerage practice; and offer educational programs to NABOR® members on NABOR®'s forms, and other forms as deemed appropriate, and on the legal aspects of real estate transactions and brokerage practice.
2017 Chairman: Jim Pilon 
Staff Lisison: Marty Manion

Media Relations Committee

The mission of the Media Relations Committee is to develop and oversee a long-term media strategy that will promote the Naples Area Board of REALTORS® as the voice of the Naples real estate market.
2017 Chairman: Dominic Pallini
Staff Liaison: Marcia Albert

Mediation Committee

To mediate disputes between parties with the goal of promoting reconciliation, settlement, or compromise, so the dispute is not subject to an arbitration before the Professional Standards Committee.
2017 Chairman: Brenda Fioretti
Staff Liaison: Corie Chase

Membership Committee

To recruit new members and retain current members. To develop and implement programs and services that will familiarize members with NABOR® and that will provide them with benefits by virtue of their membership.
2017 Chairman: Nate Tasso
Staff Liaison: Elizabeth Saggio

MLS Committee

To recommend policy and procedures to the Board of Directors for the effective operation of the Multiple Listing Service. Ongoing evaluation of the MLS system for maximum effectiveness. Evaluation of MLS related services that members can use and their recommendation to the Board of Directors.
2017 Chairman: Adam Vellano
Staff Liaison: Eben Moran

NABOR® Functions Committee

To present the Business Meeting programs of NABOR®, including the Annual Business Meeting and Election of Officers and Directors. To plan and present the annual Installation Banquet. To plan and present programs of a social nature designed to encourage members to network and be involved in NABOR®.
2017 Chairman: Paula Angelopoulos Urbinati
Staff Liaison: Kari Greer

NABOR® History Committee

The mission of the NABOR® History Committee is to preserve NABOR® history with a record of people and events that shaped NABOR® so members can draw strength and purpose from the association’s rich history and be inspired to succeed in the future.
2017 Chairman: Patsy Vaughn
Staff Liaison: Marcia Albert

Professional Development Committee

Responsible for providing professional development opportunities for the membership that will enable the member to achieve his/her professional development business goals.
2017 Chairman: Kelly Brewer
Staff Liaison: Michelle McKenna

Professional Recognition Committee

To develop and implement award programs that recognize excellence in selected areas of member endeavor.
2017 Chairman: Peter Bobris
Staff Liaison: Kari Greer

Professional Standards Committee

The mission of the Professional Standards Committee is to make decisions on matters involving ethics or arbitration matters that come before it, to enforce the Code of Ethics, the policies and procedures governing enforcement, and the importance to REALTORS® as professionals of subscribing and adhering to the high ethical standards of the Code.
2017 Chairman: Rick Fioretti
Staff Liaison: Corie Chase

REALTOR® Expo Committee

Hold a trade show for Members that brings together real estate industry professionals and provides attendees with a showcase of products from the top industry vendors and service providers. Benefits include, opportunities for: networking, professional development and educational seminars.
2017 Chairman: Julie Blanton
Staff Liaison: Michelle McKenna

REALTORS® Political Action (RPAC) Committee

The mission of the RPAC Committee is to raise funds for the promotion of political awareness, locally, for opposing or supporting issues, and on the state and national levels to support or oppose candidates whose positions affect the members’ ability to conduct business.
2017 Chairman: Kathy Elrod
Staff Liaison: Jesse Purdon

Young Professionals Network Committee

The NABOR® Young Professionals Network Committee will plan and organize events, seminars and community service work for the NABOR®'s Young Professionals Network. Young Professional Network events will not exclude members on the basis of their age however the programming of events and seminars are targeted for the under 40 years old demographic.
2017 Chairman: Michael York
Staff Liaison: Kari Greer

Economic Summit Task Force

The Economic Summit Task Force will provide, with the help of respected economists, industry professionals and community leaders, useful analysis of the economic trends and influences affecting the growth of the Naples area real estate.

2017 Chairman: Bill Poteet
Staff Liaison: Marcia Albert

NABOR® Magazine Task Force

Naples REALTOR®, the official magazine of the Naples Area Board of REALTORS® Association, is published to educate and inform the Naples Area Board of REALTORS® members of association news and events, local real estate trends and data, business and legal issues, industry initiatives and member achievements. The goal is to provide members with information that may contribute to the success of their businesses as well as the development of their professional careers.
2017 Chairman: Kathy Zorn
Staff Liaison: Marcia Albert

NABOR®.com/ Task Force

Information on this task force coming soon.
2017 Chairman: Dominic Pallini
Staff Liaison: Marty Manion

Safety Task Force

Information on this task force coming soon.
2017 Chairman: Larry Utterback
Staff Liaison: Marty Manion

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