Welcome to NABOR.com
1. As a first time user of the site, what must I do before I log on to the site?
A.) First time users are asked to electronically accept the User Agreement which appears when you click on the login button. Please take the time to read the agreement thoroughly.

B.) First time users will then be asked to download Adobe Acrobat Reader if they do not currently have a version of that program residing on their PC.

***VERY IMPORTANT*** Adobe Acrobat Reader is a software program which enables a user to read documents which are saved in the .pdf format. Most of what NABOR.com offers is in the PDF format, so please take the time to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Otherwise, you will not be able to take advantage of many of the tools. On line instructions are provided for downloading this program. If you are not sure weather ou not you already have Adobe, go ahead and download the latest version provided. After your initial login ot the site, you will not either the user agreement or Adobe message again.

2. How do I log on to the site?
As a password protected site for NABOR members only, REALTOR members use the same username and password as that used to access MLS. Allied, Affiliate, and non-MLS Participant REALTOR members will be assigned a username and password by NABOR.

3. How do I exit the site?
***Very Important*** In the upper right hand corner of the site, you will see a "LOGOUT" button next to the "NABOR" logo. Use this button when your visit to the site is finished.

4. Can I change my password?
For MLS Participants, your changing your password in MLS also changes your password for NABOR.com.

***VERY IMPORTANT*** If you change your password in MLS, it may take up to 24 hours for that change to be noted within NABOR.com.

For Allied, Affiliate, and non-MLS Participant REALTOR Members, password changes can be made by contacting NABOR at 597-1666 or via Email (webmaster@NABOR.com).

***This site is for MEMBERS ONLY. DO NOT give out your username and password to anyone! Failure to abide by this rule will lead to termination of your rights to access NABOR.com.

5. How do I navigate the site?
The new NABOR.com has been designed with complete ease of navigation in mind. Much like a filing cabinet, NABOR.com uses tabs to move between major functions (e.g. "Services" or "Tools"). Each tab is a different color and has different functions accessible by selecting it. These sub-categories are located in the colored bar attached to the bottom of each tab. Simply select a tab to see what functions are available and click on a sub-category to select it. No matter where you are in the site you will be able to view the contents of other tabs without having to click the "back" button.

6. How Do I Customize My Home Page?
You can customize your home page to include information most important to you. Whether you want quick links to "Floor Plans," the "School Finder" and the "Calendar" or you want to change your email address, you can make it happen by clicking on the "Home" tab, selecting "MyNABOR" and then clicking on the "Customize MyNABOR" tab. Select the various options you prefer, click on "Save & Update" and you're all set!

7. How should I search various databases within NABOR.com?
NABOR.com uses search engines to enable users to search the many databases to be found on NABOR.com. As with any search engine, less is best! By entering in just a few alpha characters (instead of a whole name), you will receive much better results from your search efforts. ALL of the databases assume a wildcard character (eg. * or %) so you do not need to add these symbols to your search string.

8. I am not a member of NABOR. How can I search for real estate property information?
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